Orchard Crunch by WizMix 10ml

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Orchard Crunch, Wizmix's apple e-liquid, tastes like those mature and pungent deep red apples rich and full-bodied. The initial flavour is lighter, like your first bite through the skin, then it grows in strength and finishes with a heavy hit of pure apple as you exhale. It's not overly sharp or sweet, it has a rounded flavour full of interest and you get to taste the whole apple. Orchard Crunch has a complex flavour which mimics the complexity of the real thing. It captures the essence of apples, with all the overtones and subtleties present. Now we have an apple flavour that does the fruit justice, providing a rush of flavour, fresh from the orchard.

  • 50VG/50PG
  • 10ml
  • TPD Compliant