Wizmix - Dark Horse 10ml

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Our Dark Horse is a dry, woody tobacco e-liquid, which leaves you with a whiff of acrid tobacco smoke. Underneath this sits a sweetness which hints heavily at a creamy toffee. However, as the flavour begins to enhance the taste shifts into a smoother gear and the final result appears. Dark Horse is a delicious example of superb blending and it is smooth stuff indeed, a sweet and earthy blend lightly dusted with a smoky bitterness. Complex and involved, but never too jagged. It's the ideal all-day vape, as the two sides of the flavour compete for your attention.

For those familiar with our Wizard's Leaf E-Liquid you are sure to recognise the woody base however here it has been toned-down a little and mixed with more caramel and a hint of creaminess. The rougher edges have been smoothed out, leaving a rounded sweet tobacco that's good for all occasions.

  • 50VG/50PG
  • 10ml
  • TPD Compliant