Innokin Endura T18II kit

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The Innokin Endura T18II is the next generation of the best-selling Endura T18E. Innokin have added a higher capacity battery, three different wattage modes and adjustable airflow to allow you to customise your vape. However, the Endura T18 2 is still incredibly easy to use and an excellent all-in-one vape pen for beginners. This kit offers a mouth-to-lung (MTL) style vape which is often favoured by those new to vaping as it replicates how a smoker inhales a cigarette.


The design has been updated in the Endura T18 II model, with smooth curves, graduated colourways and a nifty magnetic cap to protect the mouthpiece. This cap can be removed and attached to the bottom of the kit when in use. Innokin have also added three different wattage modes; Cool (10.5W), Medium (12W) and Warm (13.5W) and adjustable airflow. This keeps the kit simple to use but adds a level of customisation so you can tweak the settings for your perfect vape.


As with all Innokin products, you can expect excellent quality and safety features with the Endura T18ii. It feels solid but smooth to hold and produces a subtle but satisfying vapour with great flavour. If you’re looking for your first e-cigarette or are moving on from a cigalike device, you can’t go far wrong with this kit.